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it started with a really crappy Captain Kirk skin I found...

...which inspired me to hunt down Red Shirt icons on livejournal.

The Kirk skin was yellow shirted, team colors were a lousy blush on the front and back. I figured I could do better so I slapped this together:

Fans of the original series of Star Trek know that 'A' looking thing on the shirt isn't a Starfleet logo, as it later became, but was the specific insignia of the ship the crewman was from. However, a person's rank was determined by the configuration of bars on their sleeves. So, I opted for a limited team color display by focusing there:

The reason I sought out LJ icons is I've used them for the talking part assigned to each skin in the past. I vaguely recalled a specific one and went looking for it, found more than I needed and used them each for a different face:

Which basically comes out to these:

Got a little creative with this:

This is one of those skins I like to keep to myself, at least until I host it in a game and somebody edits it from their temp files after playing. Anyway, works well with the rest of my wonky lil' crew of bots.

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