We're flat broke, but hey - we do it in style.... (kshandra) wrote in sfba_sf_fans,
We're flat broke, but hey - we do it in style....

Convolution 2012: First Charity Event for Reading for the Future!

Crossposted early, often, and thoroughly.

Convolution 2012 has an opportunity to volunteer our time wrapping gifts, with all of our tips going to our charity, Reading for the Future. This gets our name out there and a jump start on helping our charity.

Where: Barnes & Noble - 1150 El Camino Real, Space 277, San Bruno, CA 94066, 650-871-2530
When: November 25, 2011 (Black Friday), 6:00am-10:00pm

We appreciate all the help we can get - you don't have to be staff to join the fun! We do not need to provide paper or supplies, and this is a job that can be done sitting down. Shifts will start every two hours between 6:00am and 8:00pm; we need between 2-4 people for each shift. People who show up ON TIME for the 6:00am shift will be treated to their choice of beverage and breakfast item from the B&N Cafe.

Please email our Chairman, Jim "Sylvan" Sullivan, with the times you are available to help. And if you're not available, please repost! We'd love to get this out to as many people as possible.
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