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I Am Not Herbert!


Have any of you been watching Alcatraz on Fox? It's shot in Canada, but it tries to remain faithful to its Bay Area setting. How good of a job do you think it's doing? I was happy to see them travel to places in the Bay outside of the city and Oakland, like Walnut Creek and Lafayette. However, as someone who commutes via BART, I was not too pleased when the show featured a BART clone (San Francisco Transit Authority, I think) instead of the real deal. I understand the show might not have been able to secure the rights to use BART symbols--like Farscape and the NASA trademark--but that really took me outside of the episode. On a more positive note, last night's episode actually did a pretty good job at placing the characters in the history of the Bay Area. I wrote about that bit here (WARNING: spoilers for "Clarence Montgomery").

If you watch the show, how well do you think Alcatraz stacks up against other sf films and TV shows set in the Bay Area in terms of faithful representation? What features of the Bay Area would you like to see in future episodes? Is it possible for a show filmed in Canada to realistically portray the Bay Area?
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