2 points of confusion on the newer versions of Doctor Who

1) The Cybermen were the original badasses, moreso than the Daleks to me. They were people that went cyborg, been pestering the Doctor since his 2nd incarnation. Now though they originated from a parallel reality and started as humans from the Earth there, but shortly after Rose started hanging with the Doctor we see an old school Cyberman head in someone private collection. What happened to the original Cybermen?

2) The Sontarans used to be as tall, if not a bit taller, than the average human. They were massive, heavily donned in black armor and powerful. Nowadays they wear shiny blue-ish armor and they're tiny. What caused the Sontarans to shrink in the wash?
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Consonance 2007
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Consonance returns to the Crowne Plaza in 2013.

Consonance 2013 - The San Francisco Bay Area Filk Convention, is pleased to announce a new/old location and dates for 2013.

Come join us and our Guests:

Guests of Honor: Ookla the Mok West
Rand Bellavia, Adam English and Luis Garcia
Interfilk Guest: Merav Hoffman
Toastmaster: Scott Snyder
International Guest: To be Announced

At the the Crowne Plaza San Jose/Silicon Valley in Milpitas.
Which will be he home of Consonance 2013 to be held the first full weekend of March,
March 1-3, 2013.

We'll be using the same function space and Consuite as in the past.

Room rates:
Standard rooms: $89 (with full breakfast buffet for 1)
Standard rooms: $99 (with full breakfast buffet for 2).
Mini-suites: $119 (with full breakfast buffet for 1)
Mini-suites: $129 (with full breakfast buffet for 2).

Free Parking
Free internet in the sleeping rooms & lounge areas.
10% discount on published food & beverage prices.
Heated outdoor pool and Jacuzzi.

From November to mid-February, the whole hotel will be remodeled, and there are new "Perfect Sleeper" mattresses in every room.

To make a reservation, you need to call the hotel directly and request the Consonance rate.
National code and direct reservation link coming soon.

Consonance Web site: http://consonance.org
Consonance Hotel page: http://consonance.org/hotel.html
Hotel page: http://www.ichotelsgroup.com/crowneplaza/hotels/us/en/milpitas/sfomp/hoteldetail

Please direct comments to the post in consonance_con: http://consonance-con.livejournal.com/19688.html
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Have any of you been watching Alcatraz on Fox? It's shot in Canada, but it tries to remain faithful to its Bay Area setting. How good of a job do you think it's doing? I was happy to see them travel to places in the Bay outside of the city and Oakland, like Walnut Creek and Lafayette. However, as someone who commutes via BART, I was not too pleased when the show featured a BART clone (San Francisco Transit Authority, I think) instead of the real deal. I understand the show might not have been able to secure the rights to use BART symbols--like Farscape and the NASA trademark--but that really took me outside of the episode. On a more positive note, last night's episode actually did a pretty good job at placing the characters in the history of the Bay Area. I wrote about that bit here (WARNING: spoilers for "Clarence Montgomery").

If you watch the show, how well do you think Alcatraz stacks up against other sf films and TV shows set in the Bay Area in terms of faithful representation? What features of the Bay Area would you like to see in future episodes? Is it possible for a show filmed in Canada to realistically portray the Bay Area?
Consonance 2007
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Consonance Starts in 2 days

The schedule for the weekend has been posted. Workshops, concerts and Open Circles, OH MY!

You can still call the hotel and make a reservation at the convention rate. Just $75 a night, plus tax.

The Consuite will be open Thursday evening, but not stocked. The exact time is up to your Consuite hosts.

Consonance needs your help! There will be a fund raising auction, so that Consonance can continue have International Guests of Honor.

As usual find more details at: http://consonance.org