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sfba_sf_fans's Journal

San Francisco Bay Area Science Fiction Fans
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
Just a little community for Science Fiction Fans who live or play in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Basic rules apply:

No flaming.
No spamming (selling of goods or services), unless a members specificly asks where to find an item.
There are some limits on posting of announcements of Cons, Gaming nights, Parties, other Communities, etc. are ok. See this post for details.
You must be a member to post, but membership is wide open.

Otherwise this is just your usual free form discuss anything you want forum.

Please use the <lj-cut> tag, for any image greater then 200x200 or text past 20 lines.

1st and 2nd violations of these rules will result in the post being deleted and the poster being warned.
The 3rd violation will result in the poster being banned.

Spammers or Non-Science Fiction related postings, will result in the poster being banned on the first violation.